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Monthly Special!!!
This month we are proud to present the following unique and colorful choices at a special price just for you, our special customer.  We appreciate your business and offer these deals as our way of saying thank you.
In the spirit of going back to school we are offering a deal on Stairway to Heaven bracelets. They are normally $20 apiece but for the month of September they are only $15. So, it doesn't matter if your going back to high school, college or just want one, we can do them in your chosen colors. They make great school spirit pieces when done in your schools colors.  We are happy to work with your schools booster club on wholesale pricing if you want the whole team to get a piece. Good luck to all. 
Stairway to Heaven Bracelet
Stairway to Heaven Bracelet
All of our rings are supplied by The Ringlord. The anodized aluminum and silver enamelled copper rings do not contain any nickel and so should safe for those of you with nickel metal allergies.
The anodized aluminum rings are available in the following colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Mint Green, Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Dark Purple, Lavender, Violet, Black, White, Champagne, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Black Ice and Pink.
The silver enameled copper rings are available in the following colors: Magenta, Fuchsia, Tangerine, Lemon, Christmas Green, Seafoam Green, Blue, Peacock Blue, Aqua, Orchid, Lavender, Violet, Amethyst, Rose, Peach, Black, Non-tarnish Silver, Non-tarnish Brass, Brown and Bronze.
Due to the number of variable available such as color, material, weave, type of jewelry, etc... and the limitations or the shopping cart function available on our website we are asking you to contact us at 303-847-1839 or polyspleasures@hotmail.com to place your order. We apologize for the extra step in the process but it will ensure you get the piece you want with the customer service you deserve.
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