Poly's Pleasures Chainmail - Unique Colorful Hand Crafted Chainmail Creations
 Poly's Pleasures Chainmail
Monthly Special!!!
This month we are proud to present the following unique and colorful choices at a special price just for you, our special customer.  We appreciate your business and offer these deals as our way of saying thank you.
This month we are doing something a little different. We have been approached with an offer to take our small, family owned and operated business to the next level. The Home Shopping Network is in negotiations with us to create and air a 3 minute commercial highlighting some of our products. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to fund this project and so we have created a Go Fund Me campaign to help with the expenses. We are not asking for charity but instead are seeking investors to take part in this campaign. We are offering incentives to our investors as follows:

$1 - $25 donation receives a letter of appreciation
$26 - $50 donation receives a pair of Olympus Earrings
$51 - $100 donation receives an Eden Handflower
$101 - $250 donation receives a Midguard Necklace
$251 - $500 donation receives a Camelot Lariat Necklace
$501 - $1000 donation receives a Fringed Heart Top
$1001 and up donation we will negotiate for whatever strikes your fancy on the site.

We will also send each investor a special offer discount for any other purchase they may be interested in from our site. This campaign began on January 1st and runs for 30 days. You can see the entire campaign by following this link:  http://www.gofundme.com/jgilzg
Fringed Heart Top
Fringed Heart Top
All of our rings are supplied by The Ringlord. The anodized aluminum and silver enamelled copper rings do not contain any nickel and so should safe for those of you with nickel metal allergies.
The anodized aluminum rings are available in the following colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Mint Green, Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Dark Purple, Lavender, Violet, Black, White, Champagne, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Black Ice and Pink.
The silver enameled copper rings are available in the following colors: Magenta, Fuchsia, Tangerine, Lemon, Christmas Green, Seafoam Green, Blue, Peacock Blue, Aqua, Orchid, Lavender, Violet, Amethyst, Rose, Peach, Black, Non-tarnish Silver, Non-tarnish Brass, Brown and Bronze.
Due to the number of variable available such as color, material, weave, type of jewelry, etc... and the limitations or the shopping cart function available on our website we are asking you to contact us at 303-847-1839 or polyspleasures@hotmail.com to place your order. We apologize for the extra step in the process but it will ensure you get the piece you want with the customer service you deserve.
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